Today’s Families Are on the Move

Today’s worker is on the move. In fact, the average American moves every five years. 21% of long-distance moves were done for work-related reasons. People change their location to improve themselves professionally and businesses move for the same reason. A company may relocate to another state that is more business-friendly, leaving employees to either move with them or find a new job. 

Arlys Krauel with William Raveis Real Estate in Naples, Florida understands that those are more than just statistics, though. Those are people, families, hopes, and dreams. That’s why she offers you these tips on making your home as stress-free and easy as possible. 

Make a List and Check it Twice

  • Check with movers to get your best rate. Often, if your dates are flexible, they can offer you a hefty discount. Screen them first before you sign a contract by going to online review sources like Google Reviews or Yelp. 
  • Get your school-age children’s health, vaccine, and school records copies faxed or mailed to the new school district. Check with the new school in advance of moving to make sure you have all the documents your child will need. 
  • Call your automobile and health insurance companies and notify them of your move. Not all insurers cover all states, so you’ll want to research coverage and cost before you move. 
  • Plan for a yard/garage sale to get rid of items you won’t be moving. Sometimes it’s cheaper to purchase a piece new in your new town than to move the one you have since movers charge by weight. 
  • Make digital copies of all important documents, birth certificates, passports, wills, etc, and place the originals in a box you’ll be taking with you. 
  • Get your prescriptions filled. 
  • Contact the realtor in your new town and let them know when you expect to arrive and all your contact numbers. 

Work-Related Business Moves

  • Negotiate with your employer regarding expenses they will cover and those you are expected to pay for yourself. Your HR department will handle that. 
  • Network as much as you can ahead of time. Again, your realtor can be a valuable tool since they’re familiar with the area. They can be your number one resource to introduce you to those business people who can be your first points of contact. Find your local Chamber of Commerce and let them initiate first contact with the Chamber in your new town or contact them directly yourself when you arrive. 
  • If you’re opening your own business in your new town, you’ll need to register it first. Registering your business as a Florida LLC helps protect your personal assets, reduces your tax burden, involves less paperwork, and can be done yourself without paying hefty lawyer fees. Check with local officials though, since rules vary from state to state. 
  • If you’ll be looking for employment in your new town, an outstanding resume will be essential. You can create a stellar and professional-looking resume by utilizing a free online resume template. You can choose from a library of professionally designed resume templates and then add your own copy, photos, colors, and images.

Moving can be exciting and stressful. Knowing that the unexpected can and will happen will go a long way to relieving that stress, but so will having your checklist and knowing you’ve done everything you could to prepare. 

Arlys Krauel goes above and beyond to make sure moving to your new city feels like you’re coming home, even if you’ve never been there before. She always puts her client’s needs above her own, making her the real estate agent you need when relocating to SW Florida. Contact Arlys at 239-571-3066